Scorpion Patrol Clipart Collection
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"A Scout Is Trustworthy"

The images provided on these pages are the property of the Boy Scouts of America, and are not to be used for sale or barter of goods or services of any value.

"A Scout Is Helpful"

They are provided here as an aid to Cub Scout webmasters who would like to enhance the visual presentation of their material.

"A Scout Is Courteous"

The cloth Cub Scout "Badges of Rank" were scanned and provided by Cub Scout Pack 215, Walnut Creek, CA. Visit their site for more high quality image scans of other uniform related material. Before using Pack 215's images, however, please email requesting permission of use.

The Webelos Activity Badges, Sports and Academic Pins, and Patrol Patches were scanned by Pack 270. As a courtesy to the volunteer Webmasters that have scanned and provided these images, please credit our efforts on your homepage with URL links to our pages, and let us know where they are being used:
Pack 270, Memphis TN ( Email:   
Pack 215, Walnut Creek, CA ( Email: 

All of these images are in the GIF89a format and transparent.

Hints: If you specify the size of the image in the HTML code, they generally load faster....the browser doesn't need to calculate the size of the image before it is drawn.

Cub Scout Badges of Rank Page (download zip file - 212KB

Webelos Activity Badge Page (download zip file - 73KB)

Sports and Academic Pins (download zip file - 63KB) partial

Patrol Patches (download zip file - 43KB) partial

Pack Numerals (download zip file - 35KB)

Animated Flags - Animation Factory Logo

Assorted Icons - Icon Bazzar
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More to come!

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